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Stewart Island Ferry Services

  • Does the job

    We had a very smooth crossing to Stewart Island, and a slightly more bumpy ride back to Bluff. The ferry is comfortable, and we saw plenty of wildlife - albatrosses and shearwaters - from the windows.

    Reviewed January 2017

    SaveTigerNorthants, UK via TripAdvisor

  • Great crossings

    We were picked up as organised from our accomodation in Invercargill and delivered to the Bluff port. The ferry crossing going to Stewart Island was pretty calm and uneventful.  Free tea and coffee offered onboard and the captain gave commentary on points of interest.  Coming back to Bluff the crossing was quite rough but the boat and captain could obviously handle the conditions so I was not concerned at all. Departure lounges at both ports were good and had brochures on local attractions.

    Visited December 2016

    Rosieej, Blenheim, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

  • Safe and value for money

    Foveaux Strait is rough so no trip is guaranteed to be comfortable. What I got was a safe ferry operator who was sensible to cancel some sailings in bad weather. So what? We stayed an extra night and spent a little bit extra? The next day was still a rough crossing but we got back safely.
    The boats (different boat each way) were clean and the crew were top quality and did what they could to help all the many sick people (including my children). Thanks.

    Visited December 2016

    madryn, Otago, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

  • Great service

    As with many things on Stewart island the ferry company is a monopoly with no direct competitor but they do not behave this way. The service is prompt and friendly. Foveaux is a difficult crossing which we experienced both directions. The staff were alert to people feeling or being ill and very very kind discreet and caring to those who were unwell. Also friendly and happy to chat with others who want the skinny on life on the island. Awesome! 

    Visited December 2016

    Whiritoa43, Auckland, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

  • The trip over is a highlight

    On the way over we went on a smaller boat which was great fun. It was a little choppy but there were lots of birds to see. On the return journey we were on a bigger boat the sea was calmer but it didn't seem to ride the waves as well as the smaller one. A place you would probably only visit once in your life so worth doing everything.

    Visited December 2016

    RATZnz, Ashburton, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

  • Smooth crossing

    Very helpful staff. Open to all the questions asked about the crossing. Gave us a good tip for dinner on the island. Thank you.

    Reviewed December 2016

    AnitaCampari, Zurich, Switzerland via TripAdvisor

  • Brisk wind, a bit bumpy early then relatively straightforward trip

    Seamless organisation, meeting the bus connection from Invercargill Airport, through to Bluff then on the ferry across to Stewart Island. A north easterly breeze meant there were a few white caps and a 1m swell. It was a little bumpy getting out of Bluff but then really quite straightforward. We did need to remain seated as the swell meant the boat moved a little unpredictably. I chose to sit out the back as I love the spray and smell of the sea and was not disappointed. I watched an albatross play in the wake and soar and swoop which was a real highlight. I recommend the trip! (For those who get seasick, you would want to take some medication! Staff were attentive and helpful all the way.)

    Visited November 2016

    MacrobertsonA, Melbourne, Australia via TripAdvisor

  • Great Experience

    We took a day trip with the Stewart Island Ferry and found them to be very good. Smooth crossing both ways with pleasant and informative crew.

    Visited February 2015

    DaveD1941, Tairua, New Zealand via TripAdvisor

  • On time and efficient

    We parked our car at Bluff and took the ferry to the island and vice versa. The ferry is clean and comfortable with toilets (clean) on board. There is a bar with snacks and soft and alcoholic drinks on board at fair prices. The skipper was user friendly and happy to answer any questions. Very punctual and luggage loaded and unloaded very efficiently.

    Visited February 2015

    Clayelect, London, UK via TripAdvisor